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Amongst theprofessionals it was Gemma Steel who took first place in the women??s race witha phenomenal time of one hour and ten minutes, smashing her previous record byover two minutes. In the men??s event, Thomas Ayeko took first place with athirty second lead over the British Thompson. Second place was closelycontested with Thompson having to fight the American Adbirahman in the finalstages to keep the position, Naisten Kengät finishing just five seconds clear.The eventwas a huge success, with popularity growing and registrations already open for next year. Training and preparation is always essentialfor any running event to ensure you can handle the distance as well as avoidingrunning injuries, which could influence your ability to compete.What are the causes of running injuries?The vastmajority of running injuries are as a result of overuse, whether pushingyourself too far or failing to prepare for a run properly.If youconsider overuse, continued training will allow you to run faster and furtherover time but doing too much before your body is ready can ultimately end ininjury. Your muscles and د السياج joints need time to adjust to exercise and you willknow when you??ve done too much as you can feel quite stiff and sore thefollowing morning.Running placesan enormous amount of pressure on the ankle and knee joints, especially throughroad running. The continued impact on the tarmac can lead to degenerativeconditions on joints, with osteoarthritis of the knee one of the more common conditionsseen frompersistent knee pain. This is caused by the gradual breakdown of cartilagewithin the knee joint, the material which prevents bone on bone contact andcushions against impact. It is worth pointing out that OA is not specific torunning injuries but can affect people of all activity levels.Running injuriescan also be accidental, whether slipping, landing awkwardly or catching yourfoot when running on uneven surfaces. Each type of injury can range in severityand recovery time. Sometimes running injuries of this nature are unavoidablebut overuse can play a part to some extent as if you are tired then the risk ofinjury is increased as your concentration diminishes.The areasmost affected by running injuries are in the lower body, affecting the ankleand knee joints and calf and hamstring muscles. Injuries can range from asimple sprained ankle to runners knee to a range of tears and ruptures to themuscles.How to avoid running injuries?There is noeffective way of avoiding running injuries, but there are ways to minimise therisk and help manage against further injury.Your preparationis one key way to train your body, Naisten Kengät by preparing for the distances you are aboutto run so that your body is conditioned and you are able to manage thechallenge ahead. If you are running a half marathon then your first trainingsession should not be a half marathon, but to gradually build the distance upover time.  You should also vary the typeof training undertaken, working on distance, speed and interval sessions.Warming upbefore a run and cooling down afterwards can also help to avoid runninginjuries. Performing stretches before a run makes your muscles more flexibleand prepares them for action, failure to do so can lead to problems early on inyour end through muscle injuries and Delvaux Handväskor stiffness. Following your run a cold downprovides a gentle end to your run for your muscles and limits the build-up oflactic acid which can cause soreness and stiffness the following day, somethinga few of the runners fromyesterday may be experiencing.If you knowof a weakness to a specific area of your body and want the confidence tocontinue exercising then you may consider a sports brace or support. These aredesigned to manage specific conditions across the body from ankle supports to kneesupports to back braces. Their main objective is to help manage a condition byreducing pain and inflammation as well as offering additional structural supportfor the patient.Ultimately weare all susceptible to running injuries, but it is what you do post injury which will dictate youroverall recovery time. Firstly, you should stop exercising and rest andcarrying on can cause more damage. Secondly, you should rest for a few days andapply ice where required to help with any pain and inflammation caused. Thirdly,if you are not feeling better after a few days then it is advisable to seekclinical advice for a professional diagnosis.

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