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Modular Apartment Housing

Modular construction of residential high rises will rapidly assist in the major shift of American suburban population to cities. It also stands to provide sufficient quantity housing units to reduce social tensions in locations the developing world where insufficient housing is a dangerous political issue.

The obscene and ridiculous fascination (although often interesting!) with shipping containers used as houses and office spaces shows how the public psyche approves of modular housing as a perception. Current container experiments become fine as art projects or for disaster relief (although even that can be reconceptualized originating from a bottom up and mass produced) but real modular construction needs to be collectively thought about.

Military style techniques for rapid construction of modular housing were used to erect modern suburbia in the 1940s and 1950s starting with Levittown. Similar thought and application of elements in the military-industrial complex alongside Chinese construction companies can rapidly build new residential towns in The united states during the continuing population shift there from suburbia. And throughout exciting world of at large for that matter.

Ideally, the majority of the module would be printed in factories for extra speed and uniformity rather than assembled by robotic hands like toy cars. Modified supercargo ships can also be outfitted with printing factories to take off the need to load completed modules onto ships start with. Finished apartments and condos should allow for rapid disassembly/removal of modules every 30 years or so (to sell off/give away older modules to poorer areas of this globe method old cars are sold off) additionally, it allow replacement of modules in case of damage or fire.

Basic electrical, water, and insulation elements within the modules ought to be readily accessible (for maintenance and appliance/furniture related modification) and introduced into the module your printing activity. Various insulating and protective coatings of nanomaterials are staying sprayed on just as naturally as on doors in a vehicular assembly line process.

These days it is fairly easy to organize out many of geometric module shapes to allow construction of much larger livingrooms and bedrooms from a few specialty components. We’re not talking a 50 story apartment project made out of completely uniform boxes. Similar to LEGO, diversity will arise from arrangement of a wide range of mass produced module parts. Some parts will be far more ubiquitous than others (think roughly the same as the connecting 6 hatch main module on the International Space Station that permits joining of other parts). But please no shipping container high rises for the love of god!

Those people choosing to stay in rural areas don’t need to be discounted from method. There is no need to remain in increasingly deteriorating wooden clusters. Less high tech modular housing is currently primarily used as rural and suburban homes but it can be bumped up a notch in comparison to its materials from current cheap wooden choices. Lets not forget that price comes down with economies of scale.

Modules are built “off the grid ready” with solar panels and h2o from air systems. A buyer modifies a module before for males way one does a Dell computer and its parts. Considering price from a laptop went from thousands of pounds to 35 dollars (India also produced the world’s cheapest car as well), mass production stands to achieve the same for housing. Entertainment and furniture systems can be added, subtracted, or reconfigured within individual modules. When one’s kitchen becomes obsolete, the event can be sold getting a used car and replaced while keeping the remaining house. This housing isn’t made of wood. People purchase mass produced cars, yachts, and computers and there is no reason in order to not do dress yourself in for places of residence. It’s about time to apply space tech for hyper efficient land living.

Some may complain that humans are not bees or ants to be “pigeonholed” like this. Well, current research signifies that major urban human settlements are beginning resemble massive ant hives, However, when understanding the process, we can direct it and interject concepts like modularity into it to give extra comfort, autonomy, and options for living space diversity. Currently as earth continues breakneck pace of urbanization, we’re looking at roughly 300 mega cities being rapidly filled with corporate real estate developments or government projects. Paradoxically, single housing unit modularity or modularity of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc helps visual architectural diversity through rearrangement a good apartment complex by apartment complex basis. Outside, the residential high rises may be similar to relatively uniform glass/21st century concrete tombs but inside there can all the diversity desired for families of various sizes and experiences.

Most importantly, the inner diversity of modular arrangement within the residential complex would take relatively similar amounts of energy and electric to erect (and however dramatically way less time and used develop even simple boring project-esque condominiums currently).

In developing parts of the universe it would even be theoretically possible (if often not practically) to transplant an entire small village or hamlet right into a residential complex within a metropolitan area with inner modular arrangement catering to the social dynamics in the entire village. In areas like India and China where thousands of villages need to be moved because of infrastructure development needs, such moves are aided by flexibility that modular housing allows and would preserve social relations in strange, new, and unfamiliar urban environment. Modular construction may well thus reduce social anomie if done right.

Module housing unit construction has regarding dramatically faster than rise in world’s annual birthrate. This means a quantity of mass assembly sites by deep water ports. Former or modified military naval construction installations serve just like springboards. For example, if Scotland declares independence from United Kingdom in 2014 and kicks out the Trident submarine fleet, the empty area would be perfect for a modular set considerably serve in the coast of your North Sea region.

Whenever a slum is destroyed (as was the truth with Rio Favela in Rio De Janeiro recently to make room for World Cup Infrastructure), modular units always be introduced as rapidly as possible to get back the hearts and minds of the locals. More authoritarian and in so doing speedy governments in Beijing and Moscow will probably (unfortunately) popularize this concept first before it takes off in free airline. The West can preempt (these possibly too streamlined “ant-hive” efforts in the east) with large scale modular housing drive the actual cover of environmentalism, green energy, smart grid integration, innovation hub construction, thus.

Modular housing should be sold as:

1) A public health problem (reducing rodents, filth, spread of disease)

2) A public safety issue through crime reduction/prevention (via psychological quality of life increase)

3) An economic issue (connecting rural and urban population to newest efficient energy, information, and utility grids)

4) An eco issue (scraping and recycling older, less efficient, and less insulated housing)

5) A governance issue to create better social cohesion and possibly allow better census tracking to cater to populations politically.

We can hope that once the concept is popularized sufficiently, we’ll see apartment complex designs that go way and above the dreams of Scandinavian planners for government projects in the 60s and 70s. It is not enough to have a modernist looking high rise building, paint it in cheerful colors, stuff it full of poor people, and hope all went well.

What must be kept in mind going forward is generational renewal of modules, constant adaptation, experimentation, and utilization of newest mass production practices for module construction destroy allow for additional renewal and experimentation within modules when it comes to shifting inside space, walls, furniture, and gear.

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