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Ten Easy Steps To Launch Your Own Netsuite Integration Partner Business

How to Evaluate NetSuite Resellers

There are many reasons to choose a netsuite erp partners reseller however there are many things to take into account when choosing a Netsuite reseller. These include: netsuite implementation partners the experience, expertise and price. You also need to consider the target industry. If you’re a large company, you should look for an agent that is specialized in your particular industry.


When evaluating the potential of a NetSuite reseller, you must be aware of how knowledgeable the company is in the sector they provide NetSuite services to. Certain NetSuite partners have specific expertise and can provide post-go-live support to their customers. Other partners are more general in their expertise, however If you’re looking for a partner with an industry-specific focus You should select one who has worked with NetSuite in your industry before.


NetSuite resellers can be those who are knowledgeable about NetSuite or NetSuite resellers are associated with the company. As a Referral Member, you’ll be able to introduce NetSuite to potential customers and netsuite resellers receive a referral fee. Once you’ve introduced NetSuite to a new customer, you’ll be able earn additional revenue by offering services based on their NetSuite accounts.

Target industry

There are many methods to attract and keep new NetSuite resellers. Successful reseller programs require careful marketing and sales planning. You must know the requirements and desires of your target industry. A software company that sells software to accountants should target this particular industry. This will ensure that you’re in the appropriate market and will be able to attract and keep customers in this sector.

You’ll be able join NetSuite’s reseller network. You can introduce prospects to NetSuite when you become a member. Many Referral Members turn into NetSuite experts, and generate additional revenue from providing services around NetSuite accounts.

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